Do you live or exist? How far can a well hydrated body go?

Just as water trails its own way, you can follow yours: by free roads, without a closed sign; through the woods, following the trees or their instinct; through winding mountains, rising or falling, as you wish.

After all, you can go wherever you want. Near, far or unbelievably far. What matters is to enjoy the path and expand its boundaries.

Minalba is there with you. Feeding your desire to explore the world and your best.
Live. Take care of the body. Take care of the mind. It’s up to you how far you can go to discover the new every day.


A natural beauty of Campos do Jordão

The natural mineral water Minalba is born at 1700 meters altitude, in the mountainous region of Campos do Jordão, in a natural process that gives the product unique characteristics. The whole process is monitored by strict quality control, with a lot of technology applied, ensuring that the water does not suffer any human intervention, 100% free from manual contact. The source is located in Parque Água Santa, where it springs at 19.5ºC with alkaline pH and very low sodium content. A work of nature straight to you.

Designation of origin stamp

From a single source in Campos do Jordao to the entire country. All Minalba water comes from there, Environmental Preservation Area that guarantees the necessary freshness!

ISO 9001 Certification

• Strict Quality Control
• Latest Capture Systems
• No Manual Contact



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