The Legend of água santa (holy water)

Nearly 200 years ago, six men set out on their horses from Minas Gerais. Their destination: São Paulo. From atop a mountain, they sighted a valley full of light and beauty, with clear water springing from the rocks, emerging among the virgin forest.

When they approached one of the springs, as if by magic, the water bubbled. Surprised, they noticed that each time they spoke near the spring, the water responded by bubbling.

Excited by the beauty of the place, they decided to stay there forever, to cultivate the mysteries of the miraculous spring. But, there was a nonbeliever in the midst of the travelers. To try to demystify the powers of the spring, he decided to gallop right into the holy spring, horse and all.

When he got close, the horse threw him to the ground, spooked by some strange force. In that moment, the water started to boil, uproariously churning, and, on the banks, the image of a beautiful saint appeared. From that moment, the young man became the most faithful and believing of the travelers, building a chapel with his bare hands on the spot.

The news spread throughout Campos do Jordão. The region became known as Vale da Água Santa (“Valley of the Holy Water”); later, as Parque da Água Santa (“Park of the Holy Water”). Since then, the inhabitants from the surrounding areas get together at the site, to worship the saint of the spring.

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