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Minalba Brasil, an Edson Queiroz Group Company, is with Brazilians, every day. The company owns the Indaiá, Minalba, São Lourenço, Petrópolis, Refri, Citrus, and Night Power energy drink brands. It also has the license for the Nestlé Pureza Vital brand and the concession for the distribution of the global premium brands Perrier, S. Pellegrino, and Acqua Panna. We have something for everything you crave.

With one of the most modern mineral water bottling plants in Latin America, we guarantee the highest quality standards for the products that reach the consumer. Minalba Brasil employs rigorous production monitoring and inspection procedures, with daily analyses of the water and of all components involved, including bottles, lids, labels, and logistics. In addition, the entire process is automated, ensuring even greater security for the entire process.

We have seven major plants around Brazil: Horizonte, Ceará; Santa Rita, Paraíba; Dias d’Ávila, Bahia; São Lourenço, Minas Gerais; Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro; Campos do Jordão, São Paulo; and Perus, São Paulo; generating more than 3,000 direct jobs.

Minalba Brasil also works to preserve its natural springs and maintains environmental reserves in the areas around them. The Ceará plant is an excellent example of this—here, it maintains a reserve that has been untouched by man, with the original fauna and flora, ensuring the preservation of nature and its springs.

Ultimately, we are here to explore with you. After all, no one craves just one thing. We have several things – and Minalba Brasil is here to get to know all of them.

Minalba Brasil’s cycle of good


With seven large plants in Brazil and 12 brands in its portfolio, Minalba Brasil is focused on the sustainability of the business, talking about the subject with honesty and transparency. We are constantly seeking to discover new paths for improvement, to be better for all of our employees, consumers, suppliers, and partners. After all, Minalba Brasil goes well with you!





Mission, Vision and Values

We want to feed what people crave to transform their worlds. For everything you crave, there is a journey. Minalba Brasil wants to get to know what you crave!


To strengthen brands and create ready-to-consume products that foster health and fun.


To have a brand portfolio for what Brazilians crave, driving Minalba Brasil’s national presence.


Wanting to know more

Desire to learn.

Healthy habits

A healthy body to do things well.


Putting ourselves in the place of the employee, consumer, supplier, and partner.


Being in alignment with our vision, and independence in action.

Getting things done

Planning around where we want to go and how we want to get there.


A more sustainable world with Minalba Brasil

Minalba Brasil owns lands that are largely protected as Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) and as Environmental Protection Areas (APAs) in Brazil. We reforest properties with regional flora, with the due authorization from the local environmental body, and all of our areas have environmental licenses from the competent bodies.

And there’s more: all solid waste is sorted and sent to certified disposal. The process water we release into the environment is treated and discharged with better quality than required under local regulations. Our business respects all legislation inherent to mineral extraction, environmental, and health-related activity. Ultimately, the balance we seek to achieve with our products is as internal as it is external. Yay, Earth! 😊















In terms of a few (necessary) technicalities, Minalba Brasil has three plants (São Lourenço, Petrópolis, and Perus), which hold certifications from the Integrated Management System (SGI), ISO 9001:2015 – Quality, ISO 14001:2015 – Environment, and OHSAS 18001:2017. And the plants in Dias d’Ávila, Bahia; Santa Rita, Paraíba; and Campos do Jordão, São Paulo have ISO 9001 certification.


Minalba’s plants continuously seek to guarantee excellence in the production of their beverages, in addition to investing in sustainable and environmental initiatives. We currently have several hectares of protected area and partnerships with collection companies who handle all packaging waste.


Phew! Finally, Minalba Brasil is always looking to evolve and forge the path that is best for the Earth and for all of us—and we have no plans to stop.


Our Quality Policy


We want our consumers to discover the best flavors

It’s by exploring what you crave that you uncover new paths and the best flavors! Curiosity takes us to amazing places. 😉

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